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My favorite story, though, happened last month 

in Miami, Florida.


On stage during million dollar ring ceremony,

Justin and his wife D were receiving their ring.


...and during the Ring ceremony, Tracey Walker

was pounding the phones in the back room...


...$1,500 away from crossing a million dollars

in commissions.


After Justin and D received their ring, Tracey

Walker burst out onto the stage with her man,

Kilo in tears...


...she had just crossed a million dollars in commissions.

WHILE she was 4 months pregnant with

her first baby.

Can you do this?




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-Stephanie Deneke



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Everyone has their own personal starting point with creating a business.

What we ALL have to face at some point is the Five Business Killers.

There are Five main things that will attack you and try to stop your business.

These Five Business Killers are ready and waiting for you before you even start your business.

They’ve been planning and scheming for years on how to stop you.

Before you learn how to stop these five business killers in their tracks, you first need to know what they are.

“A known hell is better than an unknown paradise.” – Les Brown

1. Change – Everyone fears the unknown. Even though people love to complain about their current life, they rarely want to actually do anything different that would change their life. The idea of starting something new and doing something different scares them to death. Because people don’t like to step out of their comfort zones.

2. Confidence – Pursuing a dream takes a lot of self-confidence. It takes TRUST in yourself that you have what it takes to accomplish what you want. Some people even think that they don’t deserve what they desire.

3. Society – Everything in society tells us to go to school, get a good job, and then live a mediocre life. When we’re little we’re told we can be whatever we want. But society actually sets the example that the opposite is true. Society has defined the path that you should follow, and deviating from that makes people look and feel like an outcast.

4. Family and Friends – Even though they usually mean well, those closest to us are the biggest interference we face when pursuing our dreams. They fear that if we change, then it mean that they have to change too. And we already know that change is the biggest fear of everyone.

5. Fear of Failure – Success isn’t pretty. There’s many things you’re going to try before you come across the one that will work for you. And most people don’t want to go through the bumps and failures that happen before they come across the method that will lead to success.

How do we overcome these 5 Business Killers?

We need to counteract these 5 business killers by having a support system that backs us up and helps us kick these killers out of the way.

You need alliances, support and a network of people with a common goal. People that are on the same path as you, and preferably people that are a bit ahead of you on the path.

There’s a lot of words that are used to describe a group of people that can do that for you. The most recent trendy word used is “tribe”. Call it whatever you like. As long as it meets and beats the 5 business killers.

1. The people you surround yourself with need to have already made changes and set the example of how to make changes and stick to those changes.

2. They need to display confidence so strongly that it inspires you to have that same confidence in yourself.

3. The group of people you surround yourself with have to be against the grain of society and set a new standard of living.

4. This group of people should feel as close to you as your own friends and family, except that they should be HAPPY that you are changing, not afraid of it.

5. They should embrace failure as a way of learning. It is thru our failures that we really learn lessons of what works for us.

When I started an online business in 2009 it started out so slow. Each obstacle I hit took me forever to overcome and I wasn’t sure of the next move I should make. I was making money, but not the kind of money I had hoped I would.

In 2011 a friend of mine invited me into his inner circle of friends and business partners that helped him to make close to 6 figures per month. It was 2 months later that I was able to finally make over 5 figures a month.

I’d like to invite you to see the inside of this inner circle of business friends that I call family now.

They’ve supported me through every change and obstacle I’ve gone through to be able to work an online business. Click Here and enter your email to meet the group of people that are my mentors and friends.


Our model is based on giving rock solid value to the customer, and helping you break through the barriers that have held you back.


We provide a turn key traffic, and lead capture solution, built into the very essence of the internet – content creation.

We realize that setting up capture pages, configuring blogging plugins, and spending hundreds of hours customizing design aren’t the real ‘money getting’ activities that new entrepreneurs should be focused on…

…so we decided to simplify the entire process – from sales conversions, lead capture, and getting lots, and lots of traffic…

…into a turn key sales performance solution called:

We have a core set of products that are ‘hands off’ in the sense that you can get started in 15 minutes, and you can either buy them as a customer if you just want training on how to build a rock solid business – OR – you can also choose to have re-sell rights and earn 100% commissions to customers you refer.

Right now, the Empower Network markets 3 core products:

The Empower Network Blogging System.

What is it?  A turn key blogging solution, pre-formatted and integrated with the social networks, to help you get more traffic, capture leads, and build your primary business faster, better, and with less resistance.

For only $25 per month, you get the full monty – a customizable blog built into the wordpress platform, complete with hosting, sales videos, capture pages – and if you want, you can even capture the leads into your own auto-responders.

We’ve taken the utmost care to take Dave and I’s combined experience and to put it together into a turn key marketing solution that will knock your socks off.

I am a hairstylist is Tampa, Florida and in December 2011, I was looking for better ways to market my salon and also a hair industry specific iphone app. After I applied what I have learned in the training products and bootcamp series to the Empower network authority blogging platform, my blogs rank on the first page of google for even some of the most general keyword search terms. For that reason I have noticed a steady increase in sales to my app, as well as traffic to my salon’s home page, resulting in new clients in my chair. This is what it’s all about – results. I have since been asked to post similar blogs for our sister salon, because they see what I’ve done to improve our salon’s traffic and ranking – and don’t even have a clue what EN is, they just know it brought a noticeable result in search engine traffic. Similarly, I have made sales in a couple of other affiliate programs from blog reviews i posted nearly two months ago, using the EN blogging system. Consider this, Until Joining Empower Network i have never blogged before, and certainly knew nothing about SEO or internet marketing… because I’m a hair stylist! One thing for sure, the blogging platform alone is worth far more than it’s price for the reasons outlined here, I know I wouldn’t have seen these results so quickly and easily if I had started from scratch, and now because i am hooked on blogging and seeing my articles showing up sometimes the top result on first page of Google within a day or so, I have many more blogs right behind them. Just Get In! – Christopher Contino

To order our flagship product – The ‘Empower Network Viral Blogging System’ – click the button below and you can be in our members area within minutes, set-up and ready to post your first blog:


The Inner Circle Mastermind Membership

What is it?  For only $100 per month, you’re going to get the best ongoing audio training you’ve ever heard in your life.  We’re interviewing industry Phenom’s who want nothing more than to help you make more money, have a better life, and build your marketing automation machine…

…on complete auto pilot.

3 times per week, we’re going to upload a 45-60 minute content rich interview from a marketing legend, and you can listen to it in your car, download it to your ipod, or get it transcribed and read them.  Plus – you can get resell rights if you want, the ability to refer the training to others, and earn 100% commissions.  You’re also welcome to just hang out, listen, and learn…

Put simply, the Inner Circle is all of the training you’ll ever need…

…all in one location.

Just plug, play, and listen, we’ll do the rest – let us EMPOWER you to build your business FAST.

I am a virtual assistant and have had my business officially running since last July as well as working online in other companies.  But I have struggled and only had 3 clients since I opened (up til Feb.) I was listening to Dave Wood in one of the many live trainings and suddenly realized that I wasn’t marketing right, I had a whole lot of people I could connect with but wasn’t, I thought if I didn’t have a “list” in aweber or something then I didn’t have a list. Dave pointed out some alternative ways to generate leads and it suddenly hit me where I had untapped connections. I also realized that I didn’t have anything on the internet (blog or otherwise) that described my virtual business…duh…how can I get clients if they can’t find me :) So armed with this new insight… I posted a blog in EN about who is Kat’s Hands (my business) and created a static page too, then sent out the blog to people, I also informed friends and connections that I was looking for clients and could they spread the word… all stuff I learned through the training on the 15K and Dave’s live broadcasts.

My business has more than doubled since Feb. I have 3 ongoing monthly clients, another client I was doing things for free for is now paying as we go through things (The trainings made me realize what I had was worth money and I was doing a disservice to him & me by not charging him) and have 2 others with other jobs to do…for a total of 6 clients in 2 months. (before I had only 3 in 7 months and two of those were one time jobs) personlly doesn’t look like much but the jobs are big enough that I am very busy and the extra money in the bank is always a plus!   -Kat Cooley

Note: This product is available as an upgrade to our existing ‘Viral Blogging System’ members who are interested in learning more advanced marketing training and leadership principals.

The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive

This is a 11 hour, HD intensive video series, filmed on location at a $3,000 private retreat in the mountains of Costa Rica.

You’ll learn how to build a viral marketing machine like you’ve never imagined possible.  This retreat was filmed BEFORE we built the Empower Network, and I actually teach HOW we’ve done what we’ve done.

Why is this valuable?  I’ve used this information to do millions of dollars in info product sales, build viral traffic campaigns that out produce people spending $30,000 per month on ads, for free – and to personally enroll more than 2,750 reps into 3 different network marketing companies…

…after you get the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – you’ll never need another training in your life :)

The Empower Network products have been a real help and education to me.

I specifically remember a portion of David’s training in the

Costa Rica Intensive where he talked about testing your product by saying, I’ve been selling my product for this amount

This got me to thinking about my small commercial iris garden.

Last year I sold plants on ebay. I sold most of them auction style.  Some did really well. But many sold for very little.

This year using what I learned from Empower Network I decided to take really good pictures of my flowers so they looked very appealing.

Instead of selling them auction style I sell them as Buy In Now, with a set price.

And I set the price of the least expensive ones what I averaged last year and added a dollar or two to the others.

The results are amazing!  In my first 26 days of selling this year I have sold and shipped $1036 in plants which is over $252 more than for the same number of days last year and I have dug fewer plants which is a better use of my time. But even more gratifying is the fact that last year at this time I had not sold a single plant, because I did not start selling until Mid May. Most who sell plants like I do don’t start shipping until July so I am months ahead of my competition just by considering and implementing what I learned from Empower Network Products.

I have also used my blog to talk about the iris and I have used my iris sales to promote Empower Network so it is a win win situation!  -David Troyer

Note: This product is available as an upgrade to our existing ‘Viral Blogging System’ customers who are interested in learning more advanced marketing training and leadership principals.

Additional details: All of our current products are digitally delivered. They can be accessed from our back office membership area. Some people also choose to become affiliates of our product line and earn a commission when a product is sold through their affiliate link. We provide the technology and resources to this from within our state-of-the-art marketing and training platform. 

Here’s what our customers say about the REAL VALUE of what we do:

TOTAL NEWBIE generates 178 leads on their VERY FIRST solo ad!

Education is of no value unless you put it into ACTION.

My team members are working together to implement the strategies we are learning in the 15k Formula modules. One of my new members, Pat Gryn (who is an Internet newbie in her 70’s), just generated 178 leads on her very first solo ad!!! The 15K Formula Rocks! ~ Carol Douthitt

167 Leads in 12 Days For The FIRST TIME Ever!

The Empower Network Training is fantastic!

I’ve received great benefit by taking action with just ONE of the many modules in the 15K Formula.

The last 12 days has yielded 167 leads for me and that is the most consistent lead flow I have ever experienced. I’m just getting started and plan to use the training to ramp that up to 40-50 a day.

This has been a blessing in building my network marketing business as I’ve been able to connect with more people in the last week than I had been able to do in an entire month before and very optimistic for the future.

What’s exciting is that I’ve barely “scratched the surface” of the training modules and I love that they’re super straighforward and easy to digest in audio or video format.

An additional benefit and maybe the MOST important one for me now that I’m “in”…is the accountability and assignments.

This week I’ve been able to FOCUS (better) and get into the right activity by just following the assigmments with no re-inventing of the wheel or wondering what to do next …just go, go, go!

This new-found “focus” will be The Game Changer for me as I’ve already seen it deliver more leads, new enrollments and better results than I’ve ever experienced in the past.

You don’t know; what you don’t know. Empower Network is a fantastic resource!  -Al Rodriguez

 If There Was NO MONEY To Be Made, Would I Buy This Product?

So why Empower Network? I took 2.5 months to look the system over. I needed to know “if there was no money to be made with Empower Network would I buy the product” My business decisions cannot be only about making money I have to many people that look up to me as a friend and leader. I don’t take that for granted. I must be as sure about my choices as I can. Will I always make the right choose NO, not passable, nor do I want to. So I took the training that I bought from the empower products and used what I learned on my own website ( http://vincentstlouis.com/ ) that I have used for 5 years. When I started using the training on my website my Alexa rank was around 9 million, after putting the training I got from the Empower products I now rank around 500,000 and am ranking on first page of Google many times. So yes I would buy the products in Empower if there was no money to be made.

Then I needed to trust the ownership Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe. Sometimes you just need to go with your gut and instinct. I feel I am teaming up with great people that are willing to make a mistake admit it and correct it without hiding it.  - Vincent St.Louis ”Chief Inspiration Officer”

After Wasting Thousands, Internet Newbie Ranks Videos On Google!

Knowing I needed to focus on learning how to market online has been a challenge to say the least! I have always done ‘traditional’ marketing, and have spent THOUSANDS of dollars going to or taking online courses that were supposed to teach me HOW to market online. The problem was, it never did, and I remained lost! Last November I was asked to take a look at Empower Network, having an open mind, I did.. I thought it was interesting, yet was still very skeptical as my experience has been, they give you just enough but never the full story to implement.

After several months of seeing what was being taught, the consistency, as well as the caliber of the training, I decided it was time to actually take a much closer look. I have purchased all four training modules and to sit here and tell you I like one more than the other would be very hard. I have found so much value in all the products and my expectations have been more than met!

I wanted to focus on getting video’s ranked so I have been studying in the 15k formula on SEO. I have learned so much about how to pick key words, how to research them, how to ‘ping’ my blogs, and much more! I have three video’s that I have posted over the past week to start ranking. A couple months ago I had no clue what that even meant! I am very thankful that the info in this training is all it should be and more! - Ruth Mayne

CompleteMarketing Transformation‘ From The Inner Circle Audios!

Empower Network, Dave and Dave, and the leaders in EN have made a momentous difference in my life! H o w M u c h a n d I n W h a t W a y ? (1) When I got married to my beautiful sweetheart 40 years ago, She gave me a world that was beyond price, beyond anything I could imagine because with her in my life my capacity for joy and happiness in everyday life exponentially sky-rocketed up via having 5 precious children (4daughters and a son), subsequent marriages for 2 of them, resulting in 4 grandchildren . . . The golden glow shines in my life like the bursting sunlight and everything in-between from dawn until dusk. Impossible to describe, but to see and feel is out of this world. (2) Empower Network’s Inner Circle has done something almost like that to me. Almost, but not quite! After 18 months of constant struggle to try and learn and earn on the Internet, buying and trying “19 different magic programs” that never seemed to make me be a success like I thought they would . . . I got into EN and then bought the Inner Circle. After the first audio I chose to listen to, I knew THAT ONE audio was worth $100 alone! Since then, I got all in, and have attended every webinar, and have thirsted for teachings/guidance/motivation from Dave and Dave and have been TRANSFORMED as an Internet Marketer. I now know it was me who was the reason I had not had success! I had grown up with the attitude that “having money made you a selfish bad person”. When Dave Wood said on one of the webinars that he was able to bless the life of his maid, and cook and it empowered the two ladies to feed and clothe their families . . . it all fit in to form a new paradigm in my MIND and HEART. And even now, all of the products, webinars, phone conferences, facebook assignments, blogs — they all continue to inspire and teach me beyond ways I ever thought possible! Thank you, thank you, thank you: Dave and Dave, and all of you leaders who exemplify and teach the successful way to a more complete life coupled with financial compensation. While I have not yet received the compensation I desire, the inner transformation inside me and experienced caring guidance from Dave Wood . . . I HAVE NO DOUBT I WILL SUCCEED. NO DOUBT. - Scott Potter

“How YOU Can Leverage Your Time SIGNIFICANTLY…”




“I Had So Many ‘Aha Moments’ I Wanted To SCREAM At The Computer!”




“This Information BLEW ME AWAY!”




“PROOF of Google Rankings – and How YOU Can Do It, TOO!”




“Quit Being A Wussy!”



Want a more extensive explanation of our product line and the value they bring to consumers? Click Here 

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